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Pivo aka Getpivo.com Contact Customer service Details | Discount Codes | Customer Reviews | Is It Legit?- Pivo, a whole new experience of videography which claims that you don’t need a cameraman while shooting your videos as their product is so smart they will catch you automatically.

There are nine quick create modes: Versus, 50/50, Double Take, ManyMe, Capture, Timelapse, Pano, Flash, and Tiny Planet. You can take all kinds of interesting photos that will get you tons of likes on social media, as well as creating special memories of the moment.

This is the masterpiece of art in its own right. Precious, intuitive, and of lasting value. So superior that people will aspire for it people actually love it.




  • Website- https://www.getpivo.com/
  • Instagram – Handle
  • Youtube- Channel
  • Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/getpivo
  • Twitter- https://twitter.com/getpivo
  • Address- 3003 North 1st Street San Jose, California 95134, USA



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If you have to make changes to your order or want to cancel your order, please email as soon as possible at support@getpivo.com. However, since your order might be processed quickly by their shipping team, they cannot guarantee that they will be able to accommodate your requests.


Their team can attempt to cancel your order if it has not been processed and shipped by the warehouse. Please submit the Cancellation Form as soon as possible.
If you would like to cancel while your order is under the shipping process, you will need to wait until you receive the package in hand before making a return request. You can return unused items within 7 days of receiving your order.


This best camera shoots 360-degree photos/videos. The tracking feature is great and responsive enough that it allows for versatility when shooting video. The remote works well for any distance.
If you think a small gadget like this can barely do anything, you are very much mistaken. Knowing your need to bring it, everyone, for awesome photography, Pivo is designed to fit all you possibly want yet still be high.

We analyzed their Instagram page comments and got tremendous feedback. We saw most of the customers were happy with all their superb products.

They provide super fast shipping and full quality service for packaging.
They offer a great variety of products including all the best quality material.

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