6 Important Tips: Every Pregnant Woman Should Follow for Easy Labour and Normal Delivery in 9th Month

6 Important Tips: Every Pregnant Woman Should Follow for Easy Labour and Normal Delivery in 9th Month- A woman successfully completes her pregnancy period, she should prepare for her delivery in a very positive way. If she is preparing herself for normal delivery, then she must make herself strong enough to go through the whole delivery process. There are many misbeliefs regarding the delivery process. But a woman should always think logically and not go behind the myths and tittle-tattle.


Read below to get your mind clear regarding the normal delivery process:


Pregnancy is a natural process, nature has given the blessing of fertility to females. The myth regarding unbearable pain has misled woman to opt for normal delivery. In some cases, it is fair to go for c-section but if a woman is healthy enough to give natural birth then she should always go for this natural phenomenon. A woman would never get fainted or unconscious if she is giving natural birth until she has given medicines or drugs.


Though this process is painful every woman has the capability to go through with this pain in a positive manner. Under influence of the wrong process of natural birth, pregnant women often tend to attempt wrong things like having heavy meals before giving birth, no doing proper exercise as well as rest, not having nutritional diet, belief in myths etc. Proper knowledge about actual facts (Pregnancy Facts 2020) will lead to a successful natural birth.


The negative attitude will create another obstacle while giving birth naturally. As it will not lead your brain to release endorphin hormones that are natural painkillers. Each negative thought will create a fearful effect over the brain that will create a mechanism to feel a normal contraction as a painful one. Hence with a positive attitude, the uterus while contraction will send stimulus to the brain. The brain will interpret either it is fearful pain or not. The body will respond accordingly. The positive attitude will help the uterus to patiently cooperate while giving birth. On the other side, a negative attitude will make uterus nerves rigid and will not allow giving birth naturally.


Our body has a mechanism that our organs send messages to the brain. If you expect pain then it will damage the normal activity of the brain and will make you feel greater pain than actual. The contraction in labour creates a type of strain in the whole body. The fear of unbearable pain will reduce the potential force of the brain. If a woman understands that this process is going to combine efforts by her own will power and uterus then contraction will be a whole new experience for her.

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5. PAIN & CHILDBIRTH are synonyms:

Blood is the main essence of our body when our brain interprets fearful pain, the nervous system stimulated by fear as it restricts blood flow to the uterus and blood is like fuel for our organs, its absence can create non-functioning of organs and hence unnecessary complications will be followed up. When we understand the pain and make it part of the process, the uterus will work easily without being surrounding by fearful tensions.


This natural process is universal and one should understand that being pregnant is not a disease. One can pursue her daily chores being pregnant also. Physical changes shouldn’t become limitations in your daily life routine. Do Pregnancy safe exercise & yoga will help the body to make muscles flexible enough to give birth. Half an hour brisk walk will also help to curb unnecessary weight gain.

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