Best Natural Methods and Products to Remove Makeup For Oily, Dry and Combination Skin

Best Natural Products to Remove Makeup For Oily, Dry and Combination type Skin- Every girl likes to do make-up. But when we apply something on our face, we need to remove it by end of the day and if we don’t remove our makeup, it will clog our skin from inside and will lead to other skin problems like Acne, Rashes, and Whiteheads, etc. So, in order to let our skin breathe from inside, we need to remove makeup from our skin.

As every skin is different in nature and we need makeup remover according to our skin type. Whether we apply only eye-liner or kajal, we need to remove it effectively without irritating our skin.


Use Skin Cleanser First

The first step is to clean our face with suitable face-wash and water thoroughly. I trust CETAPHIL CLEANSER, as it is a good formulation that doesn’t irritate even my acne prone sensitive skin. It is available in different skin types variants too. (check the links below)

The Second Step is to use a makeup cleanser and surprisingly, we can find it in our kitchen.

Use Olive Oil for Dry Skin-

For Dry skin, you can use Olive oil as a makeup remover and for nourishment to the skin. As Oil melts down our makeup.

  1. Pour few drops (not too much) and generously apply over the face, let it sit down on the face for a minute.
  2. Then rub in circular motions for a minute to breakdown the makeup particles.
  3. You’ll see that oil has melted down all the makeup and also be extra gentle with your eyes too.
  4. Remove the oil with a warm washcloth (a gentle one), also clean the eyelids with the tip of cloth.

In case, no time for DIY, click on the product link below and do as directed on the product.

Makeup remover for dry skin: Check here

Use Coconut oil and Aloe Vera Gel for Oily Skin-


For Oily Skin, you can use coconut oil and aloe vera gel. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Take 1 spoon full of aloe vera gel and half spoon of coconut oil.
  2. Mix it well in the glass bowl.
  3. Apply on your skin gently.
  4. Soak up your cotton pads in warm water, rinse out the excess water.
  5. Wipe off the makeup in a circular motion from your skin.
  6. Give extra time to eyes when you have heavy makeup ON and also on lips when you matte lipstick ON.

In case, you are finding a readymade product to help you out, click on the link below:

Make up Remover for Oily Skin: Check here

Use Witch-Hazel and Lavender Essential Oil for Combination Skin type-

For Combination Skin type, you need three magic ingredients i.e. alcohol-free witch-hazel, lavender essential oil, and virgin coconut oil to remove your makeup without irritating your skin. You’ll find it somehow fancy ingredients but must say, it works girls !!

  1.  Mix Witch hazel in equal proportions with water.
  2.  Add 4-5 drops of lavender essential oil.
  3. Add half spoon of coconut oil.
  4. Whisk it well.
  5. Pour it on a cotton pad and gently wipe off your face.
  6. Give extra time to eyes and lips.

If you are super busy and can’t do DIYs, then click on the below link for your makeup remover:

Makeup remover for Combination skin: Check Here

So Girls, let your skin breathe freely and also let me know your feedback in the comment section. Also, you can ask us to review any particular product too. Have a great time.

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