Vitamin C Serum Pros and Cons ( Surprisingly Great Benefits )

Vitamin C Serum Pros and Cons ( Surprisingly Great Benefits )- Hello Pretty ladies, today I am going to share an amazing topic that will surely help you to brighten up your surroundings, I mean if you’ll glow then obviously everything will seem bright like never before. So, I am sharing some amazing benefits of VITAMIN C SERUM to our skin.

We have read about essential vitamins that our body need to regulate our immune system. Some can be taken orally but some can be applied directly on the skin. Vitamin C is one of them.

Likewise, vitamin C is available in the market in the form of serums. In fact, rather than from taking vitamin C orally, Serums are now available in the pure form of the concentrated vitamin that directly gets deep in our skin and it helps to changes the texture within a few applications.

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1.) GIVES YOU THE BEST GLOW: vitamin C has bleaching properties. It helps in fading out the dark spots. It is well known for providing the skin with the perfect shine and enhance the actual glow.

2.) GIVES YOU THE HYDRATION: For hydration in serums, MAGNESIUM ACROBYL PHOSPHATE is used as a stable derivative. As in its pure form, vitamin C is unstable in water for the long run to give the required consistency to make it in serum form. To cope up with this, (MAP) MAGNESIUM ACROBYL PHOSPHATE is used which helps the skin to retain the moisture. Your skin will feel fresh and hydrated.

3.) ANTI-AGEING PROPERTIES: Vitamin C has always been the best friend to our skin as it helps in maintaining the skin’s youthfulness if applied regularly. It reduces redness, fine lines and even out your skin tone to its most natural form.

4.) CONTROLS HYPERPIGMENTATION: With the excess production of Melanin i.e. brown patches on the skin. When those brown pigments start depositing in the skin, it makes the color of that area of face different from the whole face. But Vitamin C serum helps in controlling excess melanin growth and maintain the normal skin color.

5.) COLLAGEN SUPPORT:  vitamin C is essential for our body to support collagen tissues for our skin. Without having an adequate amount of vitamin c in your diet, our skin cannot store collagen. To have wrinkle-free skin, vitamin c helps to boost collagen support.

Recommended Vitamin C Serum-

I think now it’s pretty clear how Vitamin C Serum can benefit our skin and plays a vital role in keeping our skin young and healthy.

BAD EFFECTS OF VITAMIN C: Hyper-sensitive or active acne skin can get irritated or itchy after applying it. So, for sensitive skin, a patch test is required. Avoid applying while active acne or any other skin allergies.


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