Olay 5 in 1 Facials Cloths Review | Pros & Cons

Olay 5 in 1 Facial Cloths | Product Review 2019 | Pros & Cons| Amazing Uses| Hey all ladies, we all go through the adverse effects of hot and humid season that makes our skin dull and sweaty. Too many product usage also leads to so much of extra money and time but if you are looking for one product that will replace your moisturiser, exfoliator and makeup remover while travelling. I am introducing you all to the most handy product you could ever use to replace your five different products in to ONE is Olay 5 in 1 Facial Cloths.

One man army, Must say ! This product makes your cleansing easier with extra 5 benefits. No worry about leakage of your expensive skin care regime while travelling and sometimes on lazy days when you just don’t want to put on face-wash and other products and yet want to clean your face, then go for it. Read below the detailed review:

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Olay 5 in 1 Facial Cloths Features :

  1. Works as “5” substitutes i.e. for cleansing, scrub, toner, mask & make-up remover.
  2.  These wipes are sort of textured wipes, therefore it makes cleansing 2 times better than any other product while leaving your skin smooth and supple.
  3. Wipes are extremely hydrating, therefore, helps to give you cleaning with gentle exfoliation.
  4. Most important, it makes your skin feels the same as after Spa facial cleansing.
  5. Soap Free product.
  6. Dermatologist tested.
  7. Travel Friendly.
  8. No leakage issue.
  9. For Combination and Oily Skin types.

Price: Olay 5 in 1 Facial Cloths (Check here for Price)


  • Removes makeup, dirt and oil and even mascara 2x better than cleansing.
  • Over 3000 exfoliators helps deep clean under the pores and leaves the skin soft and supple.
  • Rich lather effect makes skin hydrating after use.
  • Enriched with vitamin E complex.
  • Dual side usage.


  • Ingredient list is full of chemicals.
  • Fragrance included, therefore, this product is not for sensitive skin.


STEP 1 : Add water to the dry cloth and make rich lather.

STEP 2 : Wipe your face with activated ingredients with dual sides.

STEP 3 : Rinse your cloth after cleaning your face.

STEP 4 : Wring it out.

STEP 5 : Use it again to wipe your face to give hydration.

Review by real User

I absolutely love Olay facial cloths. I first started using them a couple of years ago. I use them to clean my face in the morning when I wake up and in the evening before going to bed. Within a few days after I first started using the Olay facial cloths in my daily routine (along with Olay complete all day moisturizer), I noticed that my skin became softer and softer and had a more youthful look! Love the product!

My Rating : 4.5/5 (Worth Buy)

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